Super Wednesdays

UoN Super Wednesday @ 25/04/2018

Swimming12:3014:30PoolUoN 128- Trent 92
Handball - Women's12.1513.30Hall AUoN 9 - Trent 6
Handball - Men's13.4515:00Hall AUoN 36 - Trent 17
Badminton15.3017.30Hall AUoN 8- Trent 1
Table Tennis16.3018:00Hall BUoN 7- Trent 2
Fencing13:0016.15Hall BUoN 135- Trent 106
Karate12:3014:30Dojo (Floor B)UoN 100- Trent 100 (UoN win)
Canoe Polo15:0515:55PoolUoN 8- Trent 4
Volleyball - Women's13:3015:00Hall CUoN 3 - Trent 0
Volleyball - Men's15.3017:00Hall CUoN 3 - Trent 0
Water Polo- Men's16:2517:30PoolUoN 18 - Trent 6
Water Polo - Women's17:4018:20PoolUoN 25 - Trent 2
UoN wins

NTU Super Wednesday @ 02/05/2018

Tennis12:0016.30NTU Tennis Centre
Trampolining12:0014.45LWSC Court A
Archery12:0014.45LWSC Court B
Women's Cricket13:0016:00Clifton Cricket Club
Dodgeball15.0016.30LWSC Court A
Wheelchair Basketball15.0016.30LWSC Court B
Ultimate Frisbee12.0014:003G
Horseball11:3013:30Long Lane
UoN wins 11-5

Please note: Notts Varsity Golf and Athletics are being played on separate days, but their scores will still count towards the results of Super Wednesday 2.

Pool events are incredibly popular and to secure your place to view, you will need to ensure that you enter the pool spectator area in advance of the event; as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Please also note that food and drink is not allowed in the pool spectator area and overshoes will need to be worn at all times (provided).