Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can come to Varsity?
    Students, Friends, Family, Staff Members and Alumni from both Universities can come to Varsity.
  • What happens if I’ve lost a ticket?
    Sorry but we do not take responsibility for lost tickets, please keep your tickets safe.
  • Do I need to bring ID with me to the events?
    Yes, you may be asked to provide your student and/or photo age ID at the events, so please make sure you have these on you at all times.
  • What is included in a season ticket?
    A season ticket guarantees you a seat at basketball, ice hockey, and football Varsity games. You’ll also have free entry to all other Varsity events, however due to limited venue capacities you won’t be guaranteed entry; so arrive early to avoid disappointment.
  • Is my Season ticket transferrable?
    No, your season ticket is not transferrable and will have your name on it.
  • How and when can I collect my ticket?
    Tickets will be available to collect from your Students’ Union from Monday 6th March 2017. Further details are available on your e-ticket or online ticket receipt.
  • Can I use my e-ticket or online ticket receipt for entry?
    No, you must redeem your e-ticket or online ticket receipt for physical tickets at your Students’ Union. E-tickets and online ticket receipts will not be accepted at any Varsity venues.
  • Can I get a refund on my ticket?
    No, unfortunately, Varsity tickets are non-refundable.
  • How can I get to the Venues?
    There will be buses available for some events.

    UoN buses

    Date Sport/Day Time/Location Destination
    07.05.17 Netball 15:45 East Drive / 16:00 Savoy Lee Westwood Sports centre
    11.05.17 Football 16.15 East Drive / 16:30 Savoy/
    19:00 East Drive / 19:15 Savoy
    Jimmy Sirrel Stand Meadow Lane
    11.05.17 Football return 21:30 – 21:45 Meadow Lane Savoy and East Drive
    12.05.17 Cricket 15:00 East Drive/15:15 Savoy Clifton Campus
    13.05.17 American Football 17:15 East Drive/ 17:30 Savoy Harvey Hadden
    14.05.17 Rugby Union 11:15 SB/Drop at Lady Bay/12:15 East Drive/ 12:30 Savoy
    14:45 East Drive/ 15:00 Savoy
    Lady Bay
    14.05.17 Rugby Union Return 17:30 Lady Bay Sutton Bonington (via Savoy and East Drive)